Thinking about importing a car from Canada? We can help!

We import thousands of cars a year for dealers and individuals around the country. 

As registered importers we can provide you with the necessary documents and procedures in order to lawfully import your motor vehicle. 

Please call to see if your vehicle of interest is importable. 


  1. Bill of Sale from the Canadian Seller with the Seller’s current address and the Purchaser’s current address. (It must also indicate whether US or Canadian funds are being used for the transaction)
  2. Registration Document of Canadian Vehicle
  3. Scan of Purchaser’s Drivers License
  4. Scan of Purchaser’s Passport (Any accompanying passengers will need to provide a scan of their Passport and their current address.)
  5. Photo of Manufacture’s Label (from the door edge or door post)
  6. Trip Permit Number once the Date for Export has been confirmed  as the Canadian plates must remain in Canada.
  7. If the vehicle was manufactured after September 1, 2007 and does not come equipped with TMPS, the vehicle is NOT eligible for importation.
  8. Confirmation that the vehicle is free of any of open recalls.
  9. Vehicle’s Current Mileage


  • Duty is applicable to any vehicle not made in United States, Canada or Mexico. Any vehicle that has a VIN that starts with a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 is duty free. If the VIN starts with any other number or with a letter, 3% duty will be applicable based on the purchase price.
  • US Customs Entry Fee due when entering the country. The driver at the time of export will also need $10.75 USD to pay to the US Customs Office at the Entry Window for the Entry Fee in the form of either Cash or Credit Card.
  • Vehicle must be Lien-free. If there is a lien, a copy of the lien release prior to export set up is required. The Lien Search fee cost is the responsibility of the Purchaser and a Canada wide lien search can be obtained on CarProof. com.
  • No exemption from these costs can be claimed while using an RI Service to import. If the customer wants his exemption, he has to find a way to do the importation himself.
  • Vehicles cannot be of rebuilt or salvage status or Right Hand drive. Modified vehicles must comply with DOT regulations for the year the vehicle was manufactured (ie: bumper, lights, safety restraints etc). Custom vehicles and modifications should be seen and then advised upon.
  • Certain vehicles that are not exportable are: Diesel Smart Cars, 2010 Chevy Cobalts, 2010 Chevy HHRs, and 2010 to 2014 Chevy Cruzes, etc.

For further inquiries, please contact Allen at 425-445-3395 or E-mail